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A word from your Coach

        Well team...We made it. Words cannot express how proud I am of all of you. It’s been 6 weeks of hard work, determination, and habit changes. At the beginning of this challenge, Professor Joey asked…
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Rickson Gracie - Rule Number One For BJJ Students

One of the first and most important aspects of Jiu Jitsu that you will learn is how to get your body acclimated to the gentle art. Below you will find some wise words from a wise man that probably knows more about this subject then any other…
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Fitness Challenge Update 3

Together we have lost over 60 lbs so far. Can't wait to see the numbers this week and announce this week's winner! For this week, starting immediately, No..
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Fitness Challenge Update 2

Sugar withdrawal is very real. Here are some of the things you might have seen happen in the last few days. Always hungry? Sugar Cravings? Weight Gain?
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Fitness Challenge Update 1

Hi my name is Fran and I'm addicted to sugar...and so are you. Don't think so? Then try to recap everything you ate today and do the math. It adds up pretty quickly. Of course I'm not just talking about refined sugar you put in your coffee or added sugar in your orange juice or that piece of chocolate you ate after lunch.
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Fitness Challenge

Our official start date will be determined once we have an official head count of who is in the program, likely the second week of february! If you are not currently in the academies group on facebook, search for (The Paradigm Academy) and request to join so we can add you. We also use WhatsApp to chat outside of the academy so if you would like an invitation to our group, please send an email to info@theparadigmacademy.com. If you are not doing the challenge ( you totally should), feel free to lurk and follow our progess :) Family members who are not students feel free to join in.
Toys 4 Tots Charity Fund Raiser
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BJJ Roll-A-Thon for Toys for Tots in Lowell, MA

BJJ ROLL-A-THON FOR TOYS4TOTS. SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2016 10:30AM-1230PM THE PARADIGM ACADEMY 109 INDUSTRIAL AVE EAST, UNIT 3, LOWELL, MA 01852 Hello Everyone! On October 8th The Paradigm Academy will be hosting a 2 hour ROLL-A-THON to help out a great charity, TOYS4TOTS! RULES: * MUST BRING A TOY (AROUND $20 TOY - I WILL GRAB THE REQUIREMENTS FROM TOYS FOR TOTS.)