bow and arrow choke
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Rolling Bow and Arrow Choke

An excellent option for attacking an opponent in turtle position. Details: Low Hips - Try to keep your hips on the same horizontal plane as your opponents.
womens Bjj
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Womens Jiu Jitsu Episode 1

  It is amazing how many women I come across that want to get in shape or learn self defense yet never considered doing Jiu Jitsu. Either they think it's only for men, or its too close and sweaty. Change requires letting go of all…
leg drag
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Leg Drag - From De La Riva

The Leg drag pass from De La Riva guard can be a tricky technique to pull off. Timing is what throws most BJJ practitioners off. In this video I demonstrate all of the required details to successfully pass De La Riva. The main details are…
The Paradigm Academy - Blog Post Cover
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The Paradigm Academy does Grappling Industries Boston, MA

Last Saturday we took home over 23 medals at the Grappling Industries tournament in Boston, MA. This is a quick highlight of our experience Huge thanks to folks at Grappling Industries for putting on such a great event: Be…
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BJJ Black Belt vs Ford F-150

Strong legs strong guard 😄