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Event Details


Saturday November 28th, 2016
The Paradigm Academy
109 Industrial Ave East, Unit 3, Lowell, MA 01852

Hello Everyone!

On November 28th The Paradigm Academy will be hosting a 2 hour ROLL-A-THON to help raise food to donate to the less fortunate!



* We will likely have a huge crowd, but if for some reason you can’t make it(better have a good excuse), you can still donate a toy.

* Participants will be allow a sit out for a TOTAL of 4 times

* After you sit out a 4th time you will not be allowed to sit out again…if you do, you will not be allowed to come back.

* When you DO come back from a sit-out, you are required to roll at least 2 rolls before you are eligible to sit out again.

* Teaching and Talking will be kept to a minimum, this is to have fun but also to challenge yourself.

* If you are rolling with a lower belt, push him but don’t stop to teach or talk. Work with him/her by putting them in positions that will challenge them to work out of it.

* We will have raffles for people with the least sit-outs.

* Have fun and like I said challenge yourself.

* We will likely have a a BBQ and one other surprised following the event(you WILL want to be present for).

*This is a private event for Academy members only.

*This is a dress to impress event (White Gi’s only please).

We donated over 165lbs of food to the Merrimack Valley food bank! Thank you everyone for coming together to not only help others, but to better yourselves in the process.